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Workshop 1

Forge a silver ring

Old crafts must not be forgotten. Goldsmithing is one of the vintage crafts that still exist. With our workshops we offer a unique experience in handcrafted jewellery making.

In this workshop you forge a fine sterling silver ring. The workshop takes approximately three hours and can be booked by one or two participants. The lessons are given by our goldsmith.

Fix an individual date for your course in coordination with our goldsmith. We offer our workshops both during the week and on weekends.

All materials are included in the price. The course needs to be booked by paying the course fee at least one week before the course starts.


Classes can be conducted in English and German. Price per person: 89,00 Euro

Workshop 2

Make your own

wedding rings

Create your own wedding rings at our vintage smithy on the green outskirts of Berlin. Make this day an unforgettable event for you and your partner and create your handcrafted jewellery with the help of the goldsmith of Golt&Baer.


Treat yourselves to a relaxing day at our smithy and learn how to make wedding bands in the traditional way with the help of our expert. Our goldsmith is there for you a whole day, guiding you through every step of the manufacturing process. At the end of the course there will be two beautiful rings you have made on your own.


Consult the goldsmith about the perfect material for your rings and get a pre-calculation of material costs in advance of the course. The consultation can also be done via e-mail.

Fix your individual date for the course after consulting the goldsmith. We offer the courses both during the week and on weekends.


The course fee is 260 Euro per couple. In this price the material costs are not included. For binding booking the course fee needs to be paid at least one week in advance of the course day. We also kindly ask for the payment of 50% of the pre-calculated material costs in advance.


We offer these courses in English and German.

In case you need a hotel, we can help you find a nice place to stay near the smithy.

Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the smithy of Golt&Baer . Visit our vintage smithy for traditional heritage artcrafts on Berlin`s outskirts.

Our goldsmith will work with you for one day and shows you some old techniques of the trade.

Make your own piece of handcrafted jewellery within one day.

Before your course starts you meet the goldsmith to fix the details, e.g. what piece you would like to craft. You get a pre-calculation of the material costs as they are not included in the course fee. To your convenience, the consultation can be done via e-mail, too. After we have fixed a date, your individual course is ready to start!


Individual course

The course fee is 140 Euro. Material is not included in this price.

For binding booking the course fee needs to be paid at least one week in advance of the course. The material costs can be paid cash on the day of the course.


This individual workshop can be conducted in English or German.

If you need a hotel, we can help you to find a nice place to stay near the smithy.

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