G&B is committed to the craftsmanship of the goldsmiths.

Quality craftsmanship with traditional methods of the goldsmiths.

All pieces are made in our workshop by hand and checked by an expert on quality and workmanship.


At G&B we cooperate exclusively with certified dealers.

Our gemstones and precious metals are all bought from traders located in Germany.

We at G&B highly value personal contact with our suppliers.


Our materials are hand-picked and reviewed by our expert.

Thus it is possible for us to guarantee the high quality of our products, that our customers expect.



Inspiration is the beginning of a creative process. The way you attire, you feel, for jewellery is pure emotion.

The pur expression of a single emotion can be the single theme for our pieces. Furthermore we at G&B get inspired by nature and the fabulous world of ancient tales. At the same time we orientate our creations towards the numerous epoches of the arts and let them guide us.

With a lot of attention for detail and the aspiration to exite our clients, all our pieces are lovingly crafted by hand in our smithy and are continously monitored for quality and workmanship.



Opening of 

our first shop

and smithy

Creating the first collections

Fusion of arts, creating jewellery with tattoo artists

New influences,

motives from nature and tales

Travel to the goldfields of Kalgoorlie, Australia


New values, new ways

Moving to Leipzig,

new smithy